Android applications

Mobile phones and internet play a major role in contemporary communication.We can notice that our everyday activities require use of virtual world. It is necessary that our projects are part of that world. Today, almost a billion of people use smart phones and this number is constantly rising.Fifty percent of this population use mobile phones which operate on android platform. A survey shows that over 1,3 milion of android devices in the world is activated every day. Such standards require a new aim- to create business projects by using android platform.

Android team offers different types of applications which deal with the most complex projects,considerenig their design, integrity and security of application. Our clients get a presentation of the products they have and also access to the services by using Android platform.


Euraxess БиХ
Радио Благовести
ТО Лакташи
ТО Бијељина
ТО Шамац
ТО Зворник
TO Бања Лука
An interesting design of application allows easy search for the content, the availability and confidentiality of the data. We try to follow new innovations of the software and hardvere but also changes in the terms of the graphic design. According to your requests, we can create application which is compatible with other devices(Smart phone,Tablet) and Android types that are avaiabile everyone.Our job is not only to create an application.We are here to give support to our cliients, maintain and work on futher development of the application.

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