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From fully elaborated concepts to a single-sentence ideas, we have our assessment team in place. We pay detailed attention to each project that enters BitLab home. We want to make sure that your idea makes sense, to see what its advantages are and why it might be successful. We want to see why anyone would care about it. Our strategy experts will examine all assumptions and business plans in order to have a well-analyzed and elaborated idea.

Working hand-in-hand with you - our customers, we take your initial concept and link it with everything that our experienced team knows about mobile applications, startups, and what works and what does not. We turn ideas into real products.

Upon agreement on a general concept, our designer team elaborates all the details. One of the greatest benefits of this process is that one minute in the strategy turns into one hour in production, a few hours in design, and days or even weeks in development.


A set of functionalities is a bible of the project. This is the simplest description of how and what your application should do. This is what our creators use to design, and our engineers to code. This is the foundation of all further steps.


There are many reasons why we have many applications in the app store. Probably one of the most important is a good design behind everything we do. In a crowded market, a perfect design will help your product stand out. This is the first connecting point one will have with users and it is important to have it in mind.

Our diverse group of designers is united by the passion for good design and top aesthetics. Greatly talented, our designer team takes care that every designed screen, icon or logo always looks as if from the future.

The functionality of your application and the fact how well it is encoded are of critical importance. But when it comes to the first impressions, everything comes to the design. The appearance and impression of your application will determine everything else. Our team is experienced and well-trained. It has an illustrative creativity and a deep understanding of the looks of the applications.


Development does not imply just writing a code. The first step in developing a perfect application is understanding its architecture. We take care of architecture and our team of senior developers will help you choose the perfect technology for your product.

When it is time for development to begin, we assign the project to engineers who are experienced with the technologies selected in the architecture phase. Our agility-based development works on the basis of two-week sprints and at the end of every two week period you have the opportunity to review and evaluate what is being developed.  

Continuous analysis of quality assurance means that there are no surprises at the end. Finally, when the application is ready for the public, we run it through the store and your website is live. Our team does everything - from providing the desired app name in stores to basic compliance with store standards.


Launching an application is not easy. But setting up an app in the store is only half of the battle. When it comes to marketing, there is not a single solution for everyone. BitLab has a network of partner marketing professionals who will help you with the marketing of your application once it is launched.


While your application is still being developed, we will evaluate together with you your marketing goals and opportunities for your application, and then present you to our chosen expert group.